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H M Heating are experts in tailor made solutions to heat and cover your swimming pool, based in Spain they supply and install a complete range of efficient pool heaters as well pool covers.

Buy pool accessories onlinePool heaters allow you to enjoy your pool throughout the year and when fitted with a pool cover to insulate the water, the running cost is suprisingly low.

Our bubble covers offers an economical way to raise the water temperature and extend your swimming season.

Safety around your pool is our utmost concern. Please visit our pool safety tab to ensure that your pool is a safe environment to enjoy.

For the majority of us, an unheated pool is too cold to use between September & May, leaving it unused for most of the year.

Winter residents, who return to their country of origin in the Spring and return in October, will never use their pool - unless it is heated.

A heat pump is the only economic way to heat a pool (and the only legal way to do it in Spain) except for solar panel heating. A heat pump will keep the pool warm, at the temperature you select.

An Air to Water heat pump gives a saving of 600% i.e. for every euro of electricity you pay for 6 euros worth of heat is passed to the pool water, which makes a heated pool an affordable luxury to most pool owners. The cost of its installation will probably be about one quarter to one fifth the cost of building the pool, but you will get three times as much use out of it.